“Charis” comes from the Greek word χαρις which can be translated in many different ways.  Its primary meaning is “grace”, but it also connotes “loveliness”, “agreeableness”, “acceptance”, “gratitude”, and “thankfulness”.  As Christians, we know that we have been saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8), but we also know that we need to grow in grace each day (2 Peter 3:18). Some days that is harder to do than others.

Charis Women, a ministry of Desert Springs Community Church, desires to help women grow in grace.  In today’s culture, the role of women is either undervalued or valued for the wrong reasons. As a college girl, a wife, a single mom, a businesswoman, or a grandmother, we have the opportunity to embrace the role God has placed us in with a “Charis” outlook.

This blog is only one way that Charis Women can connect with you. We hope to keep our followers updated on all events and ministry opportunities at Desert Springs Community Church and Charis Women, but our mission doesn’t just stop there. We also hope that through this blog we can challenge women to grow and connect through grace.

To learn more about the Charis ministry, check out our {Welcome to Charis Conversations!} post here.


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