Summer Connections

10476007_10154263088145596_3412271707653878992_nHello Ladies!

It’s been so great seeing some of your faces on Sunday’s and getting a few hugs in. But I have to admit, I’m missing our weekly Bible Study times together! I want to make sure you remember some ways we can connect this summer!

One great connection point is happening this Friday, June 27th, during the Sister’s Choice Crafting event. Whether you quilt, knit, crochet, scrapbook, or do any kind of handwork or craft, you will not want to miss this chance to fellowship, laugh and encourage each other!!


If you haven’t received a phone call from a member of the Get-Away Team, you can expect one very soon. We are calling because getting the word out about an event is no small feat in a church of our size. More importantly though, it’s because we want you to know that you are personally wanted and being prayed for that God will make a way for you to join us if at all possible. We know it doesn’t always work for everyone, but we do hope you will prayerfully consider the possibility of this before The Lord. We very much hope and pray it will work out! Registration is going on right now, both on-line and on the patio between services on Sundays. The due date for registrations is July 13th. The dates for the Get-Away are September 11-13th.1974235

I had the chance to meet one of our speakers, Joan Webb, this past week, and we are in for some life-changing, very practical, powerful teaching that will be interactive and useful for everyone!! She is a very warm, down-to-earth woman that has faced many of the same challenges you and I do on a daily basis. I felt immediately drawn to her personality and very interested in what we are going to experience.

I was also able to connect with a good friend of mine in ministry. We got talking about one of the topics Joan will address (how to live intentionally when one is navigating through a big life transition). With our daughter on the SMI trip, I’m getting a sneak peek this week into the life stage of “Empty Nesting”. I’m realizing that just about the time I’ve gotten one life stage figured out the next one pops up unexpectedly! I’m really looking forward to processing the material Joan will be giving us that will apply to every woman I know, no matter what life stage we are in, going into, or leaving!

The other point of connection is our a summer Women’s Night-out, called “Let’s Taco”!!:) Make sure and save July 11th for this really fun evening of eating “Street Tacos”, “Talking together”, and making “Ziplove” bags to put in your car in order to be prepared to help the homeless on our street corners!

lets_taco Ticket 2014

I hope to see all of you soon! Stay in God’s Word, in prayer & in community!!

LOVE, Tami

P.S. It has done my heart so good to hear and see so many of you having lunch, getting yogurt or meeting for coffee with your Bible Study group or Charis Connections Group!!! Yay!!! Way to stay in community!!!!:)


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