Grace for the Moving

Family_Session_131101_33Good day, ladies. I don’t know many of you personally, but I wish I had the time to get to know more of you. Most of us usually have the time to do that, to get to know each other and to continue in fellowship. My family does not, because we are moving. At the end of this month, we are headed to Biloxi, Mississippi. This leads me to the beginning of my story.

We were quite poor. We got married young, had our first baby, and neither of us had finished a bachelor’s degree. We knew God wanted us together, and love made us impatient. After about two years of marriage, we were in a situation that no one wants to be in. We had to do something drastic or else we would foreclose on our home. After much prayer, we knew that the military was the best option; my husband could earn a steady paycheck, could finish his bachelor’s and even start on a master’s degree, and I could continue to stay at home with my children. It was a huge blessing. We were starting fresh, but with this decision came a few hardships: obviously the chance of him being deployed, but that wasn’t guaranteed. Moving was. We knew we’d have to change our lives around and do it often.

The first big move was when my husband entered Boot Camp. My son, Tommy, and I moved in with my parents. This provided a way for my son and I to be taken care of and for us to live comfortably while my poor husband was being tried and tested physically, emotionally, and mentally. I think I got the better end of that deal.

The second move was much more difficult for me. I had to move with my son to Biloxi, Mississippi where my husband was training for his job as an air traffic controller. My husband couldn’t live with us. He had to live in the dorms on base while he trained. I had to find a place to live and a car to drive to get to the base to see him. It started off fine. For like a day. My son and I arrived, rented a car, and we were off. I had already set up a place to live with a nice family who was previously in the military, who also claimed to live about 10 minutes from the base, walking distance. I thought it was the perfect situation. It turns out it was a 45 minute drive away. I knew this wouldn’t work. I prayed and prayed that God would open something for us. The next day I went searching. I drove in our rental car within walking distance around the base to see if there were any apartments. And God pointed me to an apartment complex that was a few hundred feet away. It wasn’t the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen but I walked into the office and asked if there were any furnished one bedroom apartments. They had one! To see if God’s provision had continued, (which it always does, it just took my thick skull a while to realize this!) I asked the manager of the apartment if she knew of anyone who was selling their car. She said there was an old man who was a stickler for maintenance up on the second floor. He was selling his car and since he was older, he hadn’t put many miles on it. I walked up to his door with my son in my arms and made a deal that very hour. Our time there wasn’t easy, but we were protected, provided for, and grew in wisdom.

329Finally, we were outta there. I vowed to never return again. Because of my husband’s hard work, we were able to choose where we would be stationed. God brought us to beautiful Phoenix. Little did we know how many changes would take place in this hot dry state. We had two kids at this point, and we were ready to end the child bearing years. Then, we found out that we were pregnant. Bam! A couple weeks later we found out that we were having twins! Bam bam! Double whammy. At the time we were going to church in Scottsdale, which is quite a trek. When the twins were born we realized we couldn’t make the drive each week, and that is how we found Desert Springs. And we fell in love!!

But soon we will have to say goodbye again. And guess where we are going? We are headed back to Mississipi, to the same place I swore we would never return. (I know you just LOL’ed). We will have to pick everything up and move. I am so sad to have to leave this life that had been so ingeniously plotted out here in Arizona. Will God be faithful like he was in every other move, crisis, and need? Will we be able to have a life as rich and beautiful as we’ve had here?

When I question these things, I have to recall the psalmist’s words, “I remember…” During my drought, during my feelings of loneliness, during my doubt and questions, “I remember..”

Psalm 77 “I cry out to God; I call to God, and he will hear me. I look for the Lord on the day of trouble. Has God forgotten mercy? Is he too angry to pity us?’ Selah Then I say, ‘This is what makes me sad: For years the power of God Most High was with us.’ I remember what the Lord did; I remember the miracles you did long ago. I think about all the things you did and consider your deeds. God, your ways are holy. No god is as great as our God. You are the God who does miracles; you have shown people your power.’ Are you plagued with thoughts that tempt you to doubt God’s provision in your life?”


Have you been betrayed by someone you love?


Are you having feelings that God cannot be trusted with a situation in your life? Remember.

Recall how he has been faithful with every moment of your life. Intentionally bring to mind how He has always been your companion. Meditate on His spectacular love for you, knowing that our Father is wanting the best for you.

Until we meet again, Jessica Wojnarowski