Grace for the Overseas Worker

WrapOne of my roommate’s favorite sayings is that “The Father is never late” and it’s so true.  One of the ways I am frequently reminded of the Grace of the Father is through His perfect timing and especially how He has brought people into my life right when I needed them and promoted them to say and do things that have been huge encouragements.

The first person who comes to mind is an 11 year old little girl whose presence had a huge impact on my health.  I have an adopted family who makes sure I’m taken care. We celebrate holidays and birthdays together, and they have really embraced me as one of their own.  T is the oldest granddaughter in the family, and she and I have fun doing girly things like painting nails and fixing each others hair.  During the Month of Fasting my roommate was out of town, so nearly every night I joined my family to break the fast and watch a popular comedy tv show.  One evening, T was playing with her grandpa’s blood pressure cuff and wanted to try it on me.  The numbers read alarmingly high.  The next night they took my numbers again, and I was quickly ordered to make a doctor’s appointment.  The next day I went to the doctor (who is another one of those people sent by the Father), and she gave me a prescription to regulate things.  For the past five months my blood pressure has been doing really well.  And one of the really cool side effects of the medicine is that it helps to prevent migraines.  I’ve dealt with migraines since I was five years old and in the last few years they were as frequent as once a week.  In the past five months, I’ve only had three migraines!  Not only did the curiosity of my little friend help prevent future issues but also solved a problem that I long assumed was unsolvable.

Another person who comes to mind is the guy who pumps my gas.  I don’t know his name, but he has always been kind to me when I pull in to fill up.  The reason he represents Grace from the Father is that any time I am getting ready to go on a long trip in my car he offers to check things over.  The thing is, I have never told him I’m going on a trip.  The first time I was fueling up to head South I pulled up to top off my gas tank before I loaded my things into the car.  Without me saying a word he offered to check my oil, coolant and tire pressure.  And in the end, he didn’t even ask to be paid and was hesitant to take the tip I offered.  It was such a huge sigh of relief to know that everything was looking good before I headed out.  The next time I was going he once again offered to check on things and cleaned the lines for my windshield washer fluid.  It’s such a blessing to have someone looking out for my car even if he has no idea how perfect his timing is.

I could go on and on with stories of people who have been representative of the Father’s Grace.  People like the milk man who made me feel more at home, or the neighbor who helped me learn not to be afraid of local men, or the language teacher who has taught me so much more than just Arabic, or the roommate who has stretched me and believed in me when I allowed timidity to take over.  His Grace has overflowed!IMG_3255

One of the hardest things about living overseas as an independent America girl was learning to let go and let others help.  As I have learned to rely more on others I have learned to rely more on the Father and His perfect provision for even life’s smallest moments.