Women’s Bible Study ~ Fall 2013 Preview

263025_10150257461984883_1873889_nThis semester we have the awesome opportunity of having a wonderful live speaker…and she has a familiar face. That’s right!! Our very own Erica Wiggenhorn will be back with us, and she will be sharing her brand new study: Moses: Every Life Proof of God’s Promises. 

We got to ask her a few questions about the study, and we wanted to give you the chance to hear her heart before the semester gets under way.

Question: What inspired you to write this study/why Moses?

Answer: Unlike Ezekiel, which God continually prompted me to open and read for a reason totally unbeknownst to me, Moses came from a personal search. One of our children began exhibiting some heart attitudes and behaviors that were concerning to Jonathan & I. Because our children are adopted, I went to Scripture’s first mention of adoption, which is Moses, begging God to give me insight into the hearts and minds of my children. While I always thought the story of Moses was about a great and powerful leader that God used to accomplish glorious tasks, what God showed me during my time with Him in this portion of Scripture is that there is a back story to Moses that is more amazing and breathtaking than the parting of the Red Sea or the arrival to the Promised Land…A love story that needed to be told.

God began to reveal to me that Moses was actually not a fearless leader as I had always assumed.  Rather, he was a flawed man, gripped and paralyzed by fear. He was a broken man, marred by lack of identity,  broken relationships, fear of abandonment, trapped in the shame of past failure, and void of purpose. The incredible thing about Moses’ life is not so much the incredible ways he was used by God as it is about the amazing way in which he experienced friendship with God. Over and over again, God invited Moses to be His friend; to bring Him his hurt and his struggles and allow God to bring healing and perspective that Moses would never gain without God’s tender touch.

Question: What would you like to see the women of DSCC take away from this study?

Answer: God offers that same relationship to us. He longs to show us what it means to have our identity in Him, bring restoration to our relationships, remove the shackles of fear and insecurity that trap us from moving forward in our faith journey, and fill our lives with great purpose. He longs to offer His healing touch and His friendship. The question is: will we come? Will we bring Him all of that brokenness and allow Him to transform it into something radiant? Moses: Every Life Proof of God’s Promises is a challenge to step out in faith and come. Come and receive the promises that God has for us and live a life transformed by His healing power.


We hope that you will be praying about joining us for Women’s Bible Study this semester starting September 10th, 2013. Be checking SOON on the website, Facebook, and Twitter for the link to register.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Bible Study ~ Fall 2013 Preview

  1. Reblogged this on ericawiggenhorn and commented:
    Super excited to have the opportunity to share this study at DSCC on Tuesday mornings! While studying the story of Moses, God brought me to tears many times over His relentless pursuit of our hearts. I pray you will come let your Savior love on you this semester!

  2. Excited about sharing another wonderful study with Erica. God has given you such insight. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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