Seaside Sleepover: What You Don’t Want to Miss

Is this year your first Sleepover? Still debating whether you want to make an appearance at a stranger’s house to hang out with more strangers? Wondering if you’ll get lost and not know where to go? Contemplating whether it’s even worth it or not?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we want to put your mind at ease. There are lots of ways for women to plug in at Desert Springs, but if you want to meet new people FAST the Sleepover is one of the best ways!! It’s designed to be a “come and go” event; though many women have so much fun, they stay the whole time.

This year, we have a wonderful new location, and we are sure that you will enjoy the activities and fellowship. Why not give it a shot?

Still debating? Check out the location!!







Now that you know where you’ll be if you come, we hope that you all can make it out for this year’s Sleepover. Don’t miss out on the gorgeous pool, tasty treats, fun activities, and great fellowship with your sisters in Christ at Desert Springs.

Not your first Sleepover? That’s awesome! We hope you’ll come back this year (and maybe even bring a friend or two). What a great time to re-connect with friends you’ve lost touch with or even develop some new relationships!! Who knows what the Lord has in store?

For more information, check out the website or see the previous post on the blog.


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