Our Little Messes

“Jesus treats your shame-filled days with grace. He’ll take your guilt if you’ll ask him. All he awaits is your request.” ~ Max Lucado (Grace Happens Here, page 18-19)

For anyone who has owned a puppy, we know the look. It’s the “I pooped in the middle of your living room floor” eyes. It’s the “I chewed the every single chair leg around your dining room table” face.  It’s the “I ate your baby’s ice cream cone right out of her hand” un-wagging tail.  It’s an adorable face on a puppy, but normally the mess they’ve made isn’t so cute. They know they’ve done wrong, and they are too afraid to look you in the eye and face the consequences.


Sometimes we are just like this. We know we’ve done wrong, and instead of confessing and accepting the forgiving grace of God, we try to hide it. It’s just too embarrassing to admit we messed up.

I’m sure we all can think of entire days where everything went wrong. You ate breakfast frustrated with your husband, ate lunch with bitterness towards your co-worker, or almost felt like strangling your kids at dinner. As you lay your head on the pillow, you think, “What a waste of a day! I so could have handled that better.” What an amazing blessing to know that our Savior paid for that frustrating and pretty sinful day!!

That’s the hope we have in Christ. Even on our worst days, we are forgiven by the King, loved by the Savior, and stand perfect before God because of the blood of the Lamb. It’s amazing grace that covers our shame-filled days, the ones we don’t feel like admitting too. It’s His sacrifice that wipes all that guilt away. All we have to do is ask, and the Lord cleans our messes with the love of tender mother and leads us to do right like a caring father. We don’t even have to give Him the puppy eyes! He knows our hearts intimately and wants to forgive immediately!

May we embrace His grace this week!!


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